1 Year Mastery Program at Milan Art Institute {online/worldwide!}

Updated from original post: March 2021

i'm a graduate of the first class of the Mastery Program, on-site at the Milan Art Institute in 2016. they were teaching a variety of classes before that time, but we were the first group for how the program is offered today (and it’s evolving). the school has a deep, interesting history, with John and Elli Milan bringing a ton of professional experience prior to opening the school in 2010. i think the odds that i would meet them, on a random call looking for art supplies, from an online search... is basically a miracle in that they were offering exactly what i was looking for at that time in my career. also, i have to give Elli the gold marketing star for asking for my email on the first call. she connected me to the school... and the rest is history! 

actually, i could blog about this for many years... as it's been a wild ride. did i mention i resigned from my 12-year corporate job to take the program? but hold up! quitting your job is not a requirement. you have to know what you want and make the best decision for yourself. i will not go into my Big Magic rant, but i have seen many students balance a job + family + whatever else life has for you + full time Mastery Program. you know the true desires of your heart, you really do! if you're waiting for another sign or the right time... it might pass you by. you probably don't know the details of how all the pieces fit together, but you must move forward in the direction of your dreams. 

this introduction has highlighted many things that i could go into more personal stories about. to keep it short, i'll start with these below: 

  • Being an Artist Coach for the Mastery Program - reminder, that i completed the on-site program in 2016 ☺ first things first. then, not all at once but i have worked with about 50 students directly; coaching them through the online program (2020-2021), sharing best practices, and troubleshooting all sorts of questions on creating art and the business of art. plus the shared experiences from artists all over the world in the online community. there are many students that take the online program on their own, but you should inquire about any group coaching or mentor options. their team of professional artists are hand-picked by Elli and Dimitra Milan.  
  • Things Change! check with the school or recent grads to learn more about the current program experience. 
  • Am I Dreaming or Just Disciplined? it’s a common fantasy to have the Artist’s life. being on the inside looking out (plus i was on the outside looking in for a long time), it may be a lot different than you imagined. some things will come easy, others extremely difficult. be willing to do whatever it takes. if everything for you is easy... then work your magic, do your thing! 

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    photo archive (2019): when i unexpectedly saw the special touch with my name on the gallery window, i knew i had done a good thing :) 

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