what type of artwork is right for you? original on paper or canvas? or both! :)

QUICK TIPS: if you want ready to hang, get stretched canvas, usually wired on the back. if you want a customized frame presentation, with the glass protection, get an original on paper. however there are many framing options available for both canvas and paper.

if you're looking for a piece ready to hang, then artwork on stretched canvas is the way to go. contemporary art gallery walls have a lot of unframed stretched canvases, ready to hang. these pieces could be framed for a custom or traditional look that's seen in many art fairs. frames on canvas do not usually need the glazing (glass). it depends on your space and the conditions that the artwork will hang long term.

for canvases, i mostly use back-stapled with the thicker edge, gallery/pro quality. i also like to support local and have some of them custom built.

on the local emerging art scene i primarily collect original artworks on paper for many reasons. i always prefer to collect the one-of-a-kind original rather than a printed product. at the local level, the price difference from original to print (with original being more expensive) is usually a reasonable step. so it's worth it to me to pay the extra for the original. and again i go for the original on paper since I'm not looking to fill a wall space right away. the paper stores flat very well. most artists will sell the art with a clear protector over the art or see if they have another product they can swap out for you to keep the packaging. if not then i use my own archival sleeves to store the originals on paper, safe and out of the way, not cluttering my living space or storage. when i ship my own original paintings i also cover the front of the artwork with glassine paper; as extra protection between the tight sandwich of all the packing materials. 

i love working on paper, as it adds a unique element to my style of art. for my paper pieces that are finished with oil paint, the paper has been prepared for mixed media and oil. you would then custom frame a painting on paper based on your décor and aesthetic. MORE INFO ON MY BLOG: Custom Framing options for your Art Purchase

*note: some artists also work on unstretched canvas or loose canvas, i have an example HERE; but i rarely work on unstretched canvas. although it's easier to ship internationally rolled in a tube and less expensive shipping costs. this may not be an option for certain artworks that are heavily textured and/or need a rigid support. check descriptions or reach out to the artist to be aware of what you're purchasing. i usually ship my canvas or paper, large or small items across the USA in a flat package, not rolled.



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